A reader suggests that they are happy to pay for the Remembrance Day parade to take place:

Charging to close the road for a Remembrance Day parade is, on the face of it, not ideal.

I know the district council has lost all its government funding so needs to make all its activities pay for themselves - and yes it might be good if they waive the fee, but we need to remember that it just means that ALL the district’s residents underwrite the cost, instead of just Dursley people.

All very difficult.

But I’m writing to the Gazette today just to say that, when I think of those who laid down their lives for us in both world wars and other conflicts around the world, my overriding feeling is that I would personally be more than happy to pay my share of the cost of the parade, whatever the reason.

It’s less than 3p per council tax payer in Dursley.

Who among us is not prepared to put our hand in our pocket for a cause that we all recognise as an overwhelmingly important one, especially in this centenary year?

Hilary Fowles