One reader has written a letter to the editor about concerns about wi-fi radiation pollution:

Public meetings in Stroud over the past few years have shown that there is widespread concern here about the technologies that generate radiation pollution, particularly wi-fi, smart meters and the soon-to-be rolled-out 5G.

Many believe there to be a collusive denial by government and by corporate bodies with vested interests about the health dangers of these technologies; and that Russian Roulette is effectively being played with the nation’s health.

An open, respectful discussion about these technologies is essential, so that we can embrace them, or not, in as informed a way as possible.

Our addiction to the seductive instantaneity that these technologies provide must not lead us into denial about their health effects, and to our ignoring the ‘shadow side’ of this Brave New technological world.

At the forthcoming “Making Waves” event in Stroud on Sunday 14 October (1 p.m, Centre for Science & Art, Lansdown), there will be an opportunity to discuss the latest research on these technologies, and the aspiration of some of us to make Stroud the first ‘Low Radiation Town’ in Britain.

Yours sincerely

Dr Richard House