After a long campaign by residents and councillors, the good work that has been done in terms of altering proposed development plans at the old Yate Magistrates Court could be for nothing.

Yate Town Councillor John Gawn and residents of nearby road Stanshawes Crescent, have been opposed to plans by Homes England since the beginning of the year.

Original proposals for the site included around 60 dwellings with limited car parking spaces.

Those plans also involved some parking spaces being placed on to the adjacent road. Residents were left concerned by this as it would mean that new tenants and owners of the new-builds would have direct access to the already crowded road.

Cllr John Gawn said at the time that the plans were simply “overdevelopment of a site.”

After initial opposition, Homes England then went back to the drawing board and came back with revised plans the spaces that were placed on to Stanshawes Crescent had been replaced by pathways. This meant that new home owners would then just park on the nearby road instead.

After months of campaigning, an agreement was reached and Homes England are now selling the land to a developer with the approved plans.

If the developer comes in and wants to alter the plans and make some changes from what has been agreed then all the hard work could be undone.

Despite the plans being agreed, John revealed that he would still like the site to be used to build as asset that would be of vital use to the community.

“What Yate really needs is another minor injury unit,” he said.

“We need a better infrastructure to support the people that are moving into the developments.

“We could see the process start all over again but as a Councillor I have to try every avenue in order to represent my residents."

A spokesperson for Homes England said: "We acquired the magistrates court to help accelerate the building of much needed new homes in Yate.

"Having now demolished the building, we will look to market the site to developers from November."