DURSLEY was fortunate enough to once possess two cinemas.

In 1912, the Victoria Theatre cinema on Silver Street opened, which became the Odeon in 1935. In 1937, it was joined by the Regal in Kingshill Parade.

Sunday opening was permitted at both cinemas for the first time from October 1943, primarily as recreation for the many servicemen and women in the area.

Post-war government energy-saving restrictions reduced the hours of operation and at the same time attendances began to fall as fashions changed.

After suffering a major fire in 1947, the Odeon struggled on for a few more years but eventually closed down in October 1954.

The Regal continued until 1977, when it closed after the last bingo session on Saturday, June 25. Today the LIDL supermarket marks the spot of Dursley’s last cinema.

These photos come from the collection of Bob Wood and form part of an exhibition at Dursley Heritage Centre which runs until the end of November.