KATE Humble today became president of wetland conservation charity, WWT.

At the charity’s annual general meeting at Slimbridge Wetland Centre, she promised to be WWT’s most active and most vocal supporter.

WWT conserves, restores and creates wetlands, for the benefit of wildlife.

Kate said: “I’m very excited about my next three years as WWT president."

The TV presenter’s association with WWT dates back to the early days of the BBC's programme Springwatch.

She said: “WWT’s proactive, hands on approach to conservation appealed to me right from the start, and I’ve learned that the charity brings a ‘can do’ attitude to all aspects of its work.

“I feel very at home with the way WWT engages with the public.

"They’re determined that wildlife is for everybody to enjoy, and that’s my approach too: in order to work, conservation has to include people.

“My job is simply to make more people aware of the huge amount WWT has to offer. What a lovely job to have.”

The broad range of tasks Kate has already carried out in support of WWT over the years, includes:

• Couriering letters from WWT supporters to Antarctica, and posting them from the most southerly post office in the world

• Rustling whooper swans on an Icelandic lake

• Writing a birdwatching book for people who aren’t birdwatchers, with categories such as waddling birds, tall birds, and noisy white birds

• Writing a blog about her new pond

• Presenting a YouTube livestream from behind the scenes at the world’s only conservation breeding programme for spoon-billed sandpipers, one of the rarest wetland birds in the world

Kate will carry out her new role of WWT President for three years.