AS WE have seen over the past few months, the headlines have been dominated by Brexit so it is no wonder that this occupies the minds of most buyers who are looking to move.

However, good properties which are priced correctly are continuing to sell; at one of our Cotswold offices a property which required modernisation came onto the market and was sold within 24 hours.

Certainly the current political climate does not seem to have dampened buyers’ appetites but it is certainly not a market for ambitious pricing.

The Cotswolds has proved to be remarkably resilient over the years with strong steady growth which still attracts international and domestic second homers as well as providing much needed housing for its residents.

The way in which people buy property has changed significantly over the years; what used to happen was buyers would walk the streets and go and see each and every estate agent to register their details.

Nowadays the journey starts with a Rightmove or OntheMarket search and a judgement is made very quickly as to what a property offers.

Presentation through professional photography and precise pricing therefore is critical not only to catch the eye of the potential buyer but to draw them in.

I often believe that a property has a relatively short window of opportunity on the property portals before it becomes stale or simply not noticed by potential buyers who scroll through lists of houses or flats which we have all done when carrying out a property search.

Photography is key and should be changed and rotated to keep the property fresh although there is no getting away from the date being displayed from when it first came onto the market.

The role of the estate agent is sometimes questioned but the value of experience, a deep and detailed understanding of the area in which we live and work should not be undervalued particularly in markets which present some challenges.

David Parris


Jackson Stops