A POTTER has taken Wotton under Edge as the inspiration for her latest products.

Joanne Smith - business name Jo Duck - makes unique hand crafted pottery at her home studio in Kingswood.

Jo has now created a new range which features street scenes, made up of some of Wotton’s houses.

Jo throws her vases and bowls on her studio pottery wheel, and then hand paints a selection of the town’s houses onto each piece.

She uses creative licence to place properties and trees that appeal to her together in one design.

She often includes the Jubilee clump of trees on Wotton Hill. And a little house, down a side street, that has heart shaped shutters often makes an appearance.

“The collection is designed and created from my own photographs and experiences in this beautiful town,” said Jo.

“They are then hand drawn and created from scratch in my studio.”

The range is now available in the Fish out of Water gift shop on Long Street in Wotton.

“And if anyone would like their house drawn into the scene, I’m happy to take on commissions,” Jo said.

Jo started out as a print designer for women’s wear, but then discovered a love of ceramics four years ago.

See joduckdesign.co.uk