A fire on a housing development in Pucklechurch was started by accident Avon Fire and Rescue Service have confirmed.

The fire broke out at around 11.00pm on Saturday, October 27. Residents in the area were at a loss to explain what could have happened as workers had left the site hours previous.

However, the fire crews that attended the incident have now cleared up the cause.

The blaze took hold in what appeared to be a construction vehicle on the site, this was also clarified by the service statement.

A spokeswoman for AF&RS said: “At 22:55hrs on Saturday 27 October, two fire engines from Kingswood were called to a building site at Dyrham View in Pucklechurch to extinguish a digger on fire.

“On attendance one firefighter used breathing apparatus, one high-pressure hose reel and 12 litres of foam to put out the fire.

“The cause is thought to be accidental.”

Work has been started at the site over the last couple of months as plans to build dwellings were agreed, despite opposition.