Thornbury's Rock Street seems to have changed more than any other part of the old town mainly because of the need for car parking but also to meet changing needs.

The area next to what used to be Thornbury Market has changed quite dramatically – and more than once.

The Seven Stars was a property owned by the Reed and Butler families for generations, probably from before 1780. It had been a beer house but eventually it became a lodging house and was demolished in the 1960s.

A new purpose built police station was built there in 1973 but that was closed for public access in 2011 and finally demolished in 2015. Grace Lodge retirement homes now occupy the site.

One of the photographs was taken from near where Grace Lodge is now and looks down Rock Street. This includes the old chapel which was used before the United Reformed Church was built.

The photographs were donated to Thornbury & District Museum by local residents. More can be found on