Refurbishment works at the Yate Outdoor Sports Complex (YOSC) have been hit by delays.

The work on the facility started in July, hours after the conclusion of the Relay For Life event on the track ended.

Redevelopment of the site was due to be completed this year, however Yate Town Council confirmed that the contractors would have to come back in the Spring of 2019 to conclude the work.

The project is almost at the final stage where the red top of the track surface is laid, but as that stage is entirely weather dependent a decision was made by those in charge to postpone.

This delay has been caused after 'serious issues' were found with the surface that lay underneath the red top layer of the track.

This resulted in considerable additional work being required to remedy the underlying layers to ensure the maximum life for the new surface.

The remedial work has resulted in a delay getting to the final stage of the works as it can only be done when there are frost-free weather conditions, and ideally consistent temperatures of 15 degrees or more for a period of four weeks.

Yate Town Council Clerk, Hayley Townsend admitted there was some disappointment at the situation.

“Everyone involved is extremely dejected that the timeline has overrun but this was due to an unforeseeable serious technical issue to do with the underlying tarmac," she said.

"That said, we are delighted with how the project has taken shape so far and are working with the contractor, and with YOSC Ltd who manage the site, to enable use of the facilities over the winter.

"Thanks to all those who have invested so much time and energy into this project.

"Thanks to the volunteers and those at YOSC Ltd helping us in the situation."