I WEAR a white poppy, not to disrespect any member of the armed forces, either current or past, but to remember all victims of war.

The white poppy represents remembrance for all victims of all wars, armed forces and civilians alike, of all nationalities.

I believe that we need to tackle the underlying causes of war, such as inequality and competition over resources, and at the same time challenge the mindset that sees war as the only form of conflict resolution.

Over 67 million people have died in wars since 1918.

Hundreds of millions of others have been injured, traumatised, bereaved, displaced and impoverished.

Today over 90 per cent of people killed in war are civilians.

I believe that all human life is of equal worth, and that it is not acceptable that human life becomes cheap in desperate situations, or when it is politically advantageous.

At remembrance, we should remember all those who have died and continue to die as a result of war, and think seriously about how we can work for peace.

Kate Taylor