GHOST hunters will scour the South West for apparitions as part of a TV series after declaring it an ‘absolute paranormal goldmine’.

The show involves hunters going into allegedly haunted locations and using paranormal tools to either prove or disprove whether a place is haunted.

Bristol film maker Adam Morgan, who is working on Shadow Chaser, discussed his haunting visit to the notorious Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge.

“I will never forget the Ancient Ram Inn after one of our hunters asked for a response from a witch that allegedly haunts the inn,” said Adam.

“All of a sudden the door to the left of me sprang open.

“I think I screamed the loudest and it didn’t happen just once - it continued to open in response to our questions and thankfully was all captured on camera for the show.”

For some, this may not come as a surprise, as it is rumoured to be the most haunted place in Gloucestershire.

During other ghost hunts, Adam recalled how his camera kept cutting out for no reason.

That same night, make-up artist Kia Aspill was left in tears after hearing an unexplained noise.

To help detect these apparitions, tools such as an EMF meter are used to detect electromagnetic fields, which some say indicates the presence of a ghost.

“Our goal is to prove the existence of such things,” added Adam.