A DURSLEY town councillor who cut into his leg with a cement saw while volunteering has thanked those who helped him after his accident.

Peter Hayes confirmed that he is likely to suffer no lasting damage, and has been allowed home from hospital after the accident behind the Lions Club in May Lane on Monday.

“My operation went fine and no permanent damage is envisaged,” he said.

“I can’t thank the care team enough - the 999 call handler, the ambulance crew, the air ambulance team and the Gloucestershire Royal staff - they were all brilliant.”

Peter had been working outside the Den, doing preparation work to remove some old containers, when the cement saw he was using bounced onto his leg, cutting straight through to the bone.

“The saw was stuck in my leg and became tangled up in my tracksuit bottoms,” he said.

Peter managed to unplug the machine and, with the cutter still in his leg, he made his way round to the front of the Lions Club.

“Luckily the doors were open, and I didn’t have to fumble for my keys,” he said.

Once inside, he called 999.

“The cutter disc was stuck in my leg, and I was trying to hold my leg up to stop the bleeding,” said Peter.

“An ambulance came, but a doctor was needed to cut the disc out of the wound, before I could travel to hospital.”

The quickest way of getting doctor to Peter was by helicopter, so an air ambulance was dispatched.

It landed in Dursley Bus Station, bringing a medic from Bristol.

Peter said: “When the doctor arrived, he cut my trousers away with scissors and got the disk out there and then.”

Although an air ambulance attended the scene, in the end Peter was taken to Gloucester Royal Hospital by road.

“So I missed my ride in a helicopter,” he said.

He added: “ I’m feeling good now.

“There’s no damage to the bone, just to the flesh.

“It’s a good prognosis.

“The surgeons have done a good job.

“But I don’t think I’ll make it to the next council meeting,” he said.