A ONE time Wotton resident, who now lives in South East Asia, was delighted to find that his breakfast marmalade hails from the town.

Simon Carter lived in Wotton for 10 years, where he worked as a teacher at Katherine Lady Berkeley School.

He now lives in Brunei, in North Borneo, where he usually opts for local produce such as papaya or pineapple jam to spread on his morning toast.

But last week he saw a jar of 'orange spread' and decided to give it a try.

"Imagine my surprise to find Wotton referenced on the label," he said.

"A little taste of the Cotswolds in the tropics, even if it is produced in Serbia."

Indeed, the jar of Granny's Secret Orange was produced in Serbia, but its label says 'imported and distributed in the UK via Milanovic-Knowles Ltd', which is based in Wotton. And from there made it to the supermarket shelves of Brunei.

"The jar came from the organic section of my local supermarket, the Bruneian-Chinese-owned Hua Ho chain."

Simon says marmalade is generally not hard to find, and that many UK brands find their way into his local stores.

Simon worked in Wotton from 1984 until 1994 as a teacher at KLB.

"It was my first teaching job and I went from KLB to be head of English at Cirencester Deer Park school," he said.

"When the head there left to establish a new school in Brunei, I went with him as head of ICT.

"I am still there 21 years later, with my Australian wife and three daughters."

When he lived in Wotton, Simon was involved with the dramatic society and he finds that he still misses taking part in its theatrical productions.

"I also miss the seasons," he said.

"Autumn on the wooded hill slopes, winter in pub bars with the smell of wood smoke.

"Here there are no real seasons and every day thee sun comes up at 6.15am and goes down at 6.15pm.

"There are no frosty mornings here. It's about 27 degrees C every morning and 35-40 degrees at midday.

"Christmas in the Cotswolds is, of course, always special.

"Now it is either a private Christmas at home - public Christmas celebrations are not encouraged - or a sunny Australian one.

"Wotton, get those Christmas trees up - you are lucky you can!"