A seven-year-old from Yate has had her hair cut for charity.

Earlier this month Annabella Beresford decided that she wanted to contribute to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity works to provide children with real hair wigs free of charge if they have lost their own hair due to cancer.

Annabella, who also attends a school in the area revealed that she was determined to take part after her cousin informed her about the organisation.

She then grew her hair for 18 months before it was long enough to donate.

Annabella revealed: "I’m so excited to have it cut, I loved my long hair but now I love my short hair.

"I want to give my lovely long hair to other children to make them happy.

Kim Ashley then said: "I held it off all summer, her hair looked so beautiful I didn’t want to get it chopped off.

"I’m so proud she wanted to do this and has gone through with it as anyone will tell you she adored her long hair and showing it off."

Annabella cut her hair off at Reflections in Yate.