A MOTHER and daughter from Thornbury have expressed anger at the way they have been treated at a supermarket.

Mum Liz Wood and her daughter Helen, who has ME and other medical conditions, regularly shop at the Tesco store in Bradley Stoke.

They had liked to be served by a particular member of staff but became aware they were being taken off the tills to avoid serving them.

This is supposedly due to them talking about topics such as medical problems and benefits.

They have held several meetings with senior members of staff in an attempt to resolve the situation with Helen also taking to Twitter to vent her frustration at the supermarket.

Liz said: "We thought things were going to improve but that wasn't the case at all."

She even claims they were once threatened with being banned from the store and felt like they were being watched whenever they were there.

Liz added: “To think customers like us can be treated like this is shocking.

“Both of us have been really upset.

"We should be treated just like everybody else, so why are we being treated differently?

“They were made to feel uncomfortable we gather. We have never heard anything so stupid to say the least.”

Tesco have denied any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for the supermarket said: “One of our checkout colleagues requested not to serve this particular customer for valid personal reasons.

“We take the welfare of our colleagues very seriously, so we asked this customer to use one of the other checkouts available, where colleagues were ready to help her.”