Extra charges could soon be levied against car users as part of a multi-billion pound plan to dissuade people from driving.

A reduction in the number of car parking spaces available and a levy on employers who provide parking for their staff are other ideas to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Underground trains and Amazon parcel delivery hubs are also included in the draft Joint Local Transport Plan 2019-2036. Set to go before regional transport planners this week the plan, led by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), sets out a wish list of projects for completion by 2036.

The plan mentions 'demand management measures, such as charging measures and controls, on both sides of the Severn' to tackle the anticipated increase in traffic after the Severn Bridge tolls are removed next month. As well as changes to existing road, rail and bus networks, it proposes schemes such as an underground rail system.

New MetroBus routes include one from Bromley Heath to Yate with Park & Ride schemes considered for the A38 north between Junction 16 and Thornbury as well as the A432 near Yate.

A new junction 18A on the M4, connected to Yate via a new link road, will also be considered.

The proposed schemes would cost more than £8.9billion and there is currently a funding gap of at least £6billion.

Local authorities may have to hike council taxes and business rates if the plan is approved in its entirety. Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, said: “This is an ambitious plan to get people moving and tackle congestion, while supporting economic growth.”

“It considers a wide range of options which could support sustainable and greener travel including cycling, walking, bus, rail, mass and rapid transit and electric/autonomous vehicles.”

The plan is set to go before decision-makers later this week who will decide whether to endorse it ready for public consultation in January.