Some members of an out of school Yate group were in Tesco volunteering for an amazing cause.

1st Yate Scout groups, and others in the area, have all united to collect food and drink for the Foodbank in the area.

On Thursday evening from around 5pm until 9pm six scouts from the group that are based on Church Road near St Mary’s Primary School came together to try and collect donations from shoppers who left the superstore.

Supervised by three leaders the group had managed to gather two whole trollies worth before the end of their time.

Ian Whittles, one of the leaders that was at the charity event, revealed that they were delighted to get involved with a fantastic opportunity for the group.

“It was a little short notice for us to gather some of the group otherwise we may have had more,” he said.

“It is all for a good cause and hopefully people support it here until when it ends on Saturday.”

Other groups will be running the Foodbank collection on Friday and Saturday.