Across Gloucestershire we seem to be experiencing a number of issues with our roads over recent months.

Every journey you try to make in a car seems to find you stuck in traffic due to temporary traffic lights all over the region.

Whether you are in Chipping Sodbury, Wickwar or Wotton.

Local government have been pumping a lot of money in to repairing roads throughout the Summer and Autumn months.

It has certainly improved the situation but here at the Gazette we are inundated with people that believe it is not enough.

Why is it seeming so bad at the moment?

Is it simply because of the fact that more people are raising the issue, or could the adverse weather conditions be playing a bigger role than we think?

Just last week we had our first bout of snow with experts predicting much more before the cold season is over.

We were treated to an really hot Summer in 2018 but that led to rescheduled works.

Over the coming months we will see what effect the weather has on our roads.