In a few hours we will know if Jen Gash has been successful in her quest to become Landscape Artist of the Year.

The Thornbury artist is appearing in tonight's final of the Sky Arts painting competition.

Jen is one of three painters who will contest the final in Greenwich Park.

As well as the work they complete in the final each artist will be judged on a 'challenge painting'.

Jen was tasked with capturing Brighton pier with fellow finalists Allan Martin and Greg Mason given Happisburgh Lighthouse in Norfolk and Lincoln Cathedral respectively.

These paintings will be judged alongside other ones produced earlier in the competition.

For Jen this includes her submission of Bristol’s White City alongside the settings for her heat and the semi-final - Broadstairs beach in Kent and Felixstowe Port.

The winner of the competition will receive a a £10,000 commission from the Imperial War Museum.

They will travel to Macedonia to visit one of the most unchanged battlefields of the campaign.

The finished work will then be put on display in the museum.

A further programme charting the winning artists journey to Macedonian and the creation of the commissioned work which will go out after the final show.

The final of the competition will be broadcast on Sky Arts at 8pm tonight ( Tuesday, December 4).