A collection of residents at a well-known supported accommodation centre in Chipping Sodbury had been left with ‘piles and piles’ of black bag rubbish by the council.

On October 26 residents at Cotswold Court, on Hounds Road, were informed that weekly collections of their bins would be stopping.

They were told by South Gloucestershire Council that crews would instead be collecting fortnightly from the accommodation on site.

This caused issues as waste built up to an uncontrollable amount. It meant that a number of residents couldn’t actually put their bags in the bins anymore.

Cotswold Court provides housing to around 25 people with most of the occupants of the apartments living on their own.

Margaret Clark, 85, a resident who has lived in her flat since 2015 revealed that the situation was causing stress to everyone involved.

“It became a hazard in the refuse room, it was really bad,” she said.

“We all take our rubbish down to the bins and it was a huge health risk for us.

“Most residents here are getting older now, one of us is 102.

“It had a huge effect, we all pay our council tax and were really upset by the situation.”

There was then another letter from the council revealing extra recycling bins would be provided following the decision.

South Gloucestershire Council, upon receiving the complaints from the residents, visited Cotswold Court on Wednesday, November 28.

In a statement, a South Glos spokesperson said: “We have visited Cotswold Court to investigate the issue and a member of our waste team has spoken to the caretaker.”

“We are working with SUEZ to resolve the problem and arrange for extra bins to be delivered, we are sorry for the delayed delivery of the additional bins.”

Margaret revealed her delight that the council had since made special arrangements for the residence.

“The council came around and they were very helpful,” Margaret continued.

“We are now getting weekly pick-ups again and we are all very happy that a solution was found.”