IT MAY look dramatic, but this was a text book balloon landing for Dursley balloonist Thomas Lee.

Thomas, a balloon pilot, and his girlfriend, who is a trainee balloon pilot, had a wonderful flight today, with stunning views of Avonmouth Docks, the River Severn, both Severn bridges and mist in the valleys around Dursley.

"It was one of those gorgeous crisp winter mornings, so we decided to go for it," said Thomas.

After setting off from the Stagecoach Inn on the A38, they set off in the direction of Dursley.

"It was so calm. We were airborne for nearly three hours, but only travelled about a mile.

"It was such a beautiful day, we were just happy enjoying the view.

"There's plenty of fields in the area to land in, but they're very muddy and water logged at the moment, so they're not ideal.

"I knew that the layby at Gossington was coming up. It's really spacious, with plenty of room to land."

With pin point accuracy Thomas landed in the layby where he then deflated the balloon, ready to pack into his vehicle.

There was some concern after a photo of the landing was posted on Facebook.

But Thomas put the matter to rest, posting: "Just to clarify guys - we had a stand-up landing (meaning the basket stays upright with the balloon above us) on the edge of the A38.

"The guys from the depot came out, kindly stopped the traffic for 30 seconds for us, we moved further into the layby and deflated the balloon [as seen in picture] and no one and nothing was hurt or damaged."

He added: "It was a gorgeous morning, with absolutely no wind and I fancied a bacon sammich from the layby.

"All is well. Cracking help from the lads in the depot nearby and very vigilant motorists made for a lovely landing after a stunning flight."