An author from Yate is celebrating after his second book was published at the end of last month.

David Lord is the creator of The Figment Wars, a fictional series that follows three children on an adventure into another world.

That world is populated by figments of human imagination.

With the first book, The Figment Wars: Through the Portals, being published in 2015, David was keen to get started on the sequel.

“In this installation, a dangerous enemy has followed them to the Realm of Reality,” David said.

“They must face him alone, but also gain the attention of an unknown enemy from their own world.

“It is exciting to see it get published and I am delighted that I was able to continue the story."

The two books have been published by Austin Macauley and David was quick to thank the company for the fantastic opportunity they had given him.

"They have been supportive of me throughout the process," he continued.

"They are very responsive with everything they have done in terms of marketing and promotion."

David then opened up as a fan of the fantasy genre about what it means to create his own world.

"There was an initial idea and it all snowballed really," David said.

"To be able to create my own world as a fan is pretty extraordinary.

"It is so rewarding when someone comes to meet you and throws questions about the story, it means that I can discuss the creation which I really enjoy."

The book is aimed at young adults, but with a book signing at Chipping Sodbury Library scheduled for Saturday, December 15 at 10.00am, David revealed that different ages can enjoy it.

"It is in the build up to Christmas so if you know a younger person who has an interest in fantasy then I would say bring them along to the library," he continued.

David has said he is keen to get in to schools and other groups in the area to hold workshops, he said: "I'm keen to engage with a younger audience and help them develop an understanding of how young people can use their experiences creatively which I think is really important."