Get ready in December for a January lift off

TIPS for preparing your home in time for one of the busiest periods with Humberts Living.

Now that Christmas is approaching, many homeowners wait until the new year to put their home on the market, but did you know that property portals still experience high levels of traffic over the Christmas and New Year period?

After the relative quiet of Christmas, traffic on the property portals significantly rises to a busy January period for sellers and buyers.

With this in mind, Caroline Ferris of Humberts provides her top tips on how to create the best atmosphere for that all important first impression over the winter months.

For those of you who are about to put your home on the market, you want to make sure your home looks its best for this time period and beyond.

It’s not just a case of simply vacuuming the stairs...

The best way to think about it is, if you were looking to buy a home yourself. What details would put you off and what would instantly make you fall in love with the property?

To this end Humberts is proud to announce the launch of Humberts Living, a service tailored to assist with all aspects of our existing and future clients needs

Exterior Appearance – First impressions count!

The kerb appeal is crucial so make sure the front door is freshly painted and clean the window frames and windows.

Remove all evidence of front garden neglect by de-weeding, mowing the front lawn, replacing old flowers with new and trimming hedges and bushes.

Perhaps even add a pretty front door plant to add that extra personal touch.

Make your home sparkle – The last thing someone wants to see is an un-clean house so make sure your home is immaculate.

Serious attention to detail is the key, so before each viewing; dust from top to bottom - including light fittings and skirting boards - vacuum every nook and cranny, including under furniture and air out all rooms especially if you are a smoking home or have pets.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms to make shine.

Nobody likes the thought of cooking or cleaning in an unhygienic room and there is no coming back after that.

Make sure you pay special attention to cleaning in these rooms; bleach the grouting, clean the windows, polish taps and mirrors, wipe surfaces, clean fridges and freezers and put an open box of baking soda inside the fridge to soak up any odours.

Buyers will be nosy so scrub the oven, showers, baths and toilets hard so not a speck of grime is visible.

Don’t be so personal – Buyers like to picture themselves in a potential home so consider packing up a few personal photographs of family, friends and pets as well as children’s drawings/paintings to make it easier for them to imagine.

De-clutter – Everyone has their own personal tastes, some people like a busy colourful home, others prefer simplicity and space.

You always should aim for the latter when sorting your home out for a viewing.

You want each room to feel light and spacious, so remove all the bits and pieces you have on cabinets, shelves and walls.

Clear everything on kitchen counters.

Remember simplicity sells so take it all as a positive and see it as the start of the packing process.

Let the sunshine in – Natural light in a property makes everything seem better, so try and get as much of it in to each room as possible.

Replace dim light bulbs with high wattage; replace dark heavy curtains with lighter ones and if you have any large trees close to windows which are blocking some light, simply trim them back to allow more light to enter the room.

Minor repairs – When you have lived in a property for a long time you sometimes forget about the small things that you never got round to fixing.

Things like; broken light bulbs, drawer handles, doors and leaky taps, so repair these instantly.

Also fill in cracks in the walls, tiles and floors and even consider replacing old carpets and rugs.

Don’t forget the garden – After de-weeding and re-potting, remove children’s toys, bikes and gardening tools.

If you have a garden bench or table make sure it’s clean and cleared of leaves and your patio or conservatory is washed down and dirt free.

Once all this has been done you deserve a cup of tea and a pat on the back.

Not only have you had a good work out but you have created a sparkling home that is ready to be showcased to the world, maximising the potential of selling your home.

At Humberts we are changing the way we work, we don’t just focus on the buying or selling, we work with you every step of the way, to help make sure property journey as easy as possible.

To find out more you can contact me on 01285 650955 or, or alternatively visit our office at 40 Castle Street, Cirencester GL7 1QH.

Caroline Ferris

Senior Property Consultant, Humberts