Organisers and volunteers at a Parkrun event are celebrating after finally being able to keep dry after receiving a gazebo from Waitrose.

Every Saturday at 9.00am, around 400 people Chipping Sodbury Parkrun at the Ridings Playing Fields.

It has become a big event in the area and a key part of the weekly Sodbury calendar.

The event is one of over 550 others that happens every Saturday right around the UK.

Parkrun involves individuals completing a 5K circuit.

The idea was created in London nearly 15 years ago in 2004 by Paul Sinton-Hewitt.

Since then it has become one of the largest sporting events worldwide, with over 5 million registered runners.

Chipping Sodbury has been growing fast since its formation, and after a donation from Waitrose's Community Matters Scheme they now have a new gazebo to set up as base at the event.

On Saturday, December 1 the gazebo was used for the first time by the volunteers.

Andy Airey, one of the lead organisers of the Parkrun said: "In July shoppers had the opportunity to choose between 3 local good causes at the Chipping Sodbury branch of Waitrose.

"We took 50% of the tokens deposited and as such took £500 of the £1000 they give away every month."

That contribution was part of a whopping sum of £60,000 that the Sodbury Waitrose has given away in the past five years.

"We just want to say a huge thank you to Waitrose for allowing us to be one of the choices," continued Andy who has completed all but one of the Parkrun's in the South West region.

"A lot of runners use Waitrose after the run every Saturday, so they get a bit of a rush from us, but it was really nice to be included.

"We are now hoping that with the new gazebo we can set up at events and talk to people around South Gloucestershire about the benefits of being a part of the event.

"It is going to help provide us with a platform to promote what the Parkrun is all about."