If you frequent Tesco Extra then you may be aware of a certain visitor.

Molly the Tesco Cat has been hanging around at the superstore in Yate for the last couple of years.

Known for sitting in the trolley area and also being in the car park, Molly has become something of a social media favourite.

Most would presume that she may not have a home due to the amount of time she seems to spend at the shopping centre, however she has a loving owner who looks after her regularly.

"Everyone loves her and says that she is a really beautiful cat," Fiona, her owner said.

"We started to recognise that she was heading over there around 3 years ago and were notified when Yate Shopping Centre staff put a paper collar on her.

"For Christmas we have just got her a new collar which hopefully will help people to recognise her.

The six-year-old cat has become so popular that a Facebook group called Molly the Tesco Cat was set up 2017 has around 600 members.

"I have had people come up to me and say that they enjoy seeing her and that she is a little bit of a therapy cat," Fiona said about Molly, who has to cross a main road to get to Tesco from her home.

"She is a loved cat, she has a home and comes back frequently, she doesn’t need feeding but if you want to support cats which are homeless there are numerous charities in the area that would be grateful for the support.

Staff at the store have also become aware of Molly and regularly look after her.

"We received a hamper from Tesco for Christmas which is really nice, it feels like she has a lot of different people looking out for her including the manager," continued Fiona.

"There is a poster in the car park and hopefully new posters will be going up soon informing people she has a home.

"If she is gone any longer than 5/6 days then i Will always go and get her, but she is really good at looking after herself and coming back.

"I have had to go the vets to collect her three times, I even had to go to Bradley Stoke, so I just want people to know she is well looked after."