A property development that drew big criticism from residents throughout the summer is 'progressing well'.

The Ladden Garden Village development in North Yate will be the site of more than 2000 homes, with developers now releasing a virtual photo of what the area will look like.

Construction has been going on for around six months already, however a key spine road in to the site has now been finished which will speed up the process.

The development is the joint effort of both David Wilson Homes and also Barratt Homes, with the first phase of building including a range of two, three and four bedroom houses.

“We’re delighted by the progress already made by our team here,” said Barratt Homes managing director Russell Glimstead.

“The foundations for this exciting new community have been laid.

"I’m very much looking forward to witnessing the first of these impressive new homes in the next few months."

The views of Mr Glimstead were echoed by a representative of David Wilson.

“Ladden Garden Village is really starting to take shape here,” said David Wilson Homes managing director Ian Menham.

“You can already feel the high quality our homebuyers are expecting from us here.

"I’m very excited to see more of the same as work continues.

“The layout of the development will also provide a distinct ‘sense of place' with a mix of modern and sustainable home designs in a traditional setting."

Ladden Garden Village will have its own shops, nursery, primary school and centre.