Residents in the Yate area could soon have a new place to exercise outdoors.

Kingsgate Park has been under the care of Yate Town Council and the Friends of Kingsgate Park since 2003 and there have been many developments since.

A climbing frame draws in hundreds of people throughout the summer months whilst water features and a 'bug hotel' have also been introduced.

There are also a number of new benches and trees that have been planted across the space as well as many other changes.

However, there could soon be a brilliant state-of-the-art outdoor gym added to the area.

The proposals are due to be discussed by Yate Town Council, but it would see a number of machines placed in the park based on improving cardio and strength.

A similar set-up has recently been introduced in Iron Acton and has been well received.

Judith Cameron, Secretary of the Friends of Kingsgate Park said: “We are really pleased that our park has been chosen to have gym equipment installed. Yet another addition to our already amazing park. We are looking forward to the time when we can have fun trying it out.”