At the weekend the Gazette brought you a story about Molly the Tesco Cat, this morning her fame increased as she was mentioned on BBC Radio.

Molly, 6, has been frequently visiting Tesco Extra in Yate for the last three years.

Her owner, Fiona informed members of the public that she was not a stray and not to worry about her.

"Everyone loves her and says that she is a really beautiful cat," Fiona said.

"She is a loved cat, she has a home and comes back frequently, she doesn’t need feeding but if you want to support cats which are homeless there are numerous charities in the area that would be grateful for the support."

Now though, Molly has become known on a wider scale after being included as a segment on BBC Radio Bristol's morning show with Emma Britton.

You can listen to the show at around 1 hour and 50 minutes of the show here: