Around 100 people came out at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex as the centre welcomed Princess Anne to the area.

Arranged by Yate Town Council, the visit saw Princess Anne take a tour of the recently redeveloped facilities and then meet some of the athletes that have been using YOSC to train.

Yate Town Council decided to hold the event to celebrate the work of the volunteers that have helped YTC save and transform the facility.

The Princess Royal was treated to watching a number of young athletes train.

Most of the athletes training were part of Yate District and Athletics Club who regularly use the facility.

At the event, Princess Anne was joined by Edward Gillespie OBE (Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire), Charles Martell (High Sheriff of Gloucestershire), Phil Vickery (Deputy Lord Lieutenant), Councillor John Ford (Mayor of Yate) and Councillor Chris Willmore (chair of the YOSC liaison and project steering group).

Upon arriving at the centre Jeremy Dale, of YOSC LTD and Yate and District Athletics Club, took the Princess Royal and her party on the tour.

Mr Dale also introduced a collection of target sprint competitors who showcased the sport and why the facility is so useful for them and their training.

The party then entered the main clubhouse where Councillor Chris Willmore, introduced Princess Anne to various members of the community including volunteers, users of the facility, elite athletes, Councillors, Yate Town Council Staff and community partners.

Cllr Willmore spoke at the event and revealed her delight that the hard work of those who helped improve YOSC was being recognised.

"Today is about volunteers; the volunteers who run YOSC and all the sports clubs who use it," she said.

"In naming this new facility, we celebrate the work of volunteers. Many here have served long and hard, but there is a couple who started as parents, became club officers, coaches, judges, Tony and Pat Jefferies.

"Tony won the 2017 South West Services to Athletics Award and even carried the Olympic Torch. In using the “Jefferies” name for the athletics arena, it will stand as a permanent reminder to us all of the central role volunteers play in all the sports at YOSC. And the importance for us all to continue to volunteer to keep facilities like this open.”

Cllr Brian Allinson, Vice-Chair of South Gloucestershire Council, said: “I was delighted to be involved in today’s visit by the Princess Royal to open the Jefferies Arena at YOSC in South Gloucestershire.

"South Gloucestershire Council has continued to support these fantastic sports facilities with a total contribution of nearly £900,000 since they passed into community hands at the end of 2015 and it was great to see how they are being used and enjoyed by residents, local sports groups and school children alike."