A POPULAR beer festival is under threat.

The Slimbridge Beerfest has taken place every June for the past 16 years, but organisers say that unless more help is forthcoming, they will call it a day.

The charity event has been very successful over the years and has contributed significant sums to the area's scout groups and to its hosts, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

Beerfest chairman David L’Oste-Brown said: “It was our original idea to use this event to financially support scouting and every scout in the Cotswold Vale Area has benefited from this."

Cotswold Vale is the Scouting District which covers Berkeley, Cam, Dursley, Sharpness, Slimbridge and Wotton.

"The many scouts that have travelled to jamborees have particularly been supported by the funds raised.

"It is disappointing that we are not getting additional support and that changes in society are putting this event at risk, but we must face up to this.”

Stuart Cook, in charge of the logistics for the Beerfest said “We have streamlined building and running Slimbridge Beerfest, but it takes a significant amount of effort and this currently places a large responsibility on a small group of people.

"We know that we have a terrific reputation for the festival, but it does need fresh support and an assurance that people will turn up and make it worthwhile.”

John Standerline, Slimbridge Beerfest’s treasurer since the event began said “We will be sorry if the event has to cease.

"We have had massive support for the event from our suppliers and we thank them for that.

"We particularly thank the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust for their support, without which Slimbridge Beerfest could not have operated.”