The following is a reader submitted letter from this week's Gazette (Thursday, January 10).

The residents of Crossways Lane are complaining of the rat run that now happens in their lane.

Sadly everywhere in Thornbury is plagued by too much traffic.

We live next to Morton Way and that is now more like a motorway than the ring road of a small town.One official speed checker clocked a car doing 70 mph on the junction of Crossways Road and Morton Way. 2 collisions happened at the spot several months ago.

Every day it becomes a race track with cars,motorbikes and now double decker buses and quarry lorries rushing down it.Often speeds are reached of over 70 mph.The limit is 40mph

South Gloucestershire Council say there isn't a significant rise in the volume of traffic but it feels like there with is constant stream of traffic of all types on our roads.They are not designed for this and the surface is breaking up and dangerous pot holes are forming .Mud from the housing developments has turned the road brown and slippery.

Perhaps whoever is in charge of roads and transport development in South Gloucestershire Council would like to stand and observe the amount and type of traffic especially at busy times thus gaining first hand knowledge rather than dismissing any problems.

Each new house built will probably generate two cars using the roads and lanes.

Morton Way used to be a quiet road but now endless streams of traffic use it creating noise,smells and pollution.It has many smaller side roads next to it so it is important speeds are kept down.

Gill Killey