One of Britain's most famously haunted buildings will see a set of overnight ghost hunts this year.

According to the company running the events Woodchester Mansion holds secrets that include rituals, black magic, death, sacrifice and even murder.

"Many say that you feel the mansions dark history as soon as you enter the walls of the unfinished masterpiece," the event on Haunted Happenings says.

The evening will incorporate ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups, as well as professional equipment including EMF and K2 meters.

In the hope of luring spirits into the open, participants will hold experiments using Ouija boards and glass divination.

There will be a number of hunts between 9pm and 3am throughout the year at Woodchester Mansion in Nympsfield.

Sadly, they are not suitable for people with mobility issues.

Tickets cost £65 per person, for more details see