BIG hearted bowls players have been fighting the flab in a bid to fund a life saving piece of equipment.

Eight members of Cam Mills Bowls Club decided to take part in a sponsored slim - or ‘deflab for defib’ - to raise cash for a defibrillator.

A defibrillator, or defib, delivers a high-energy electric shock to the heart and is used to help people having a sudden cardiac arrest.

The bowls club defibrillator is set to be placed on the wall outside the club house, so that it’s available to both bowlers and to the community at large.

One of those taking part in the sponsored slim was 56-year-old Kevin Parsons.

“It all started with a conversation over a couple of beers,” said Kevin.

“We decided to try and lose weight as a group.”

The slimmers gave themselves 15 weeks to meet their goal, with Kevin setting himself the daunting individual target of losing two stone.

“I gave up drink for a while, stopped snacking and took up exercise,” he said.

He began attending the Pulse leisure centre in Dursley, where he regularly used the gym and the swimming pool.

“I have so much more energy now,” he said.

The total weight loss at the club was a whopping 10 stone 12lbs, with Kevin reaching his goal of shedding two stone.

Fifty five sponsors supported his efforts, with their contributions amounting to £650.

Added to the rest of the cash raised by 'deflab for defib' that comes to an impressive £1,200.

With the defib will costing £2,500, there's still more fundraising to be done, but the club members have plenty of ideas about how to raise the remainder needed.

Cam Mills Bowls Club is a friendly little club which has become a home from home for many members, with companionable banter and a range of fun activities. New members are always welcome to join.

In addition, skittle players can come along and enjoy the skittles alley, and monthly bingo sessions are held at the club, which are open to everyone. The next session is being held on January 26.