The victim of Thornbury’s latest arson attack has said it is ‘only a matter of time’ until someone is seriously injured or killed.

Tom Grey owns the barn on Mumbleys Lane, near Thornbury, which was set on fire on Friday evening.

Fire crews from Thornbury Patchway, Southmead, Avonmouth and Kingswood were called to the incident just before 8pm.

Around 25 tonnes of straw contained within the three bay barn was set alight.

It is thought it will cost around £30,000 to replace the Dutch barn together with the hay that was


Tom said: “It’s a huge shame that our barn was targeted.

“The straw and hay in the barn would have been of great value this year due to last year’s dry summer.”

“This attack showed no regard to neighbours and families that could have been fast asleep in their own homes just metres away from the barn.”

Firefighters used two 45mm jets and drag forks to contain the fire and allow it to burn. They also used thermal imaging cameras to check for hotspots.

Fire officers allowed the fire to burn out through the night, but were there they following day damping down the area.

The cause of the fire is thought to be deliberate and a joint investigation with Avon and Somerset Police is underway.

Officers want to hear from the young man who alerted a neighbour to the fire.

The resident in turn called the fire service, but the young man left before emergency services arrived.

If you can help, contact the police on 101 giving the reference number 5219007875.

The barn fire follows three arson attacks at Daggs Allotments and two at The Castle School.

Tom added: “With a high number of arson attacks recently and still continuing it is only a matter of time until someone will be seriously injured or there is a fatality.”