THE wassailing season - a pagan ritual to encourage an abundant harvest - is upon us.

This ancient custom of visiting orchards to bring good health and bless the fruit is coming to Berkeley at the weekend, at a community event in Sarah’s Field.

Sarah’s Field is a developing wildlife water meadow, gifted to the town by Pamela Angela Thorpe for the enjoyment of the residents of Berkeley.

Formerly known as Lynch Ground, Mrs Thorpe also asked the council to name the field after her grandmother Sarah.

Members of the Stroud Valleys Project, appointed by Berkeley Town Council, have created ponds and a small marshland area at the site, added benches, and planted native plants and trees.

On Saturday, January 26, everyone is invited to come along and take a look at the work being done at the field, from 3pm to 5.30pm.

As dusk approaches, the wassailers will be banging pots and pans around the fruit trees to encourage a good apple harvest.

Bring pots and pans to take part.