A 24-YEAR-OLD has been sent to prison for causing death by dangerous driving.

Daniel Kingston-Drewitt was given a three year sentence for causing the death of his friend Jack Jones, 22, and causing Cameron Williams serious injury.

Kingston-Drewitt, pleaded guilty to both charges when appearing at Bristol Crown Court last Thursday.

As well as the prison sentence he was also banned from driving for 78 months.

Jack, a former pupil at Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School in Wotton, died following the crash on Wotton Road in January 2018.

He had been a rear seat passenger in a Ford Fiesta driven by Kingston-Drewitt which crashed into a VW Golf.

Jack had not been wearing a seatbelt whereas Kingston-Drewitt was found to be over the legal alcohol limit and to have traces of cannabis in his blood.

Jack's mother, Lea Watson, has spoken out in the hope that her son's story will act as a deterrent to those planning on drinking and driving in the future.

She said: "The outcome of this hearing gives me no pleasure whatsoever.

"So many families have been torn apart by this act of recklessness and we can never go back.

"Jack’s death and Daniel's sentence should serve as a stark warning to all of those that think it okay to drink and drive and to those who still choose not to wear a seat belt.

"I can only hope that, going forward, Jack will live on in the memory of his friends and family and that his legacy will be to make people think before making choices that will ultimately ruin the lives of others."