Permission to build 370 homes between Crossways Lane and the junction to Rockhampton on the Gloucester Road.

I am torn between my desire to protect Thornbury from becoming an even bigger unsustainable “Concrete Jungle” and the realisation that South Gloucestershire Council are embarking on this very expensive Appeal process to stop Bovis building on their precious Buffer Zone between the threatened Buckover Garden Village and the town of Thornbury.

South Gloucestershire Council and Tortworth Estates are at this very moment locked in a Bovis Appeal battle to stop Bovis gaining permission.

They are desperate to be able to claim Buckover Garden Village will be separate from Thornbury.

If Bovis win the appeal, Buckover Garden Village would inevitably be classed as an extension of Thornbury which would be very unpopular with the inhabitants of Thornbury and hopefully they would reject such a reckless, poorly located scheme.

Three-thousand homes built within a stones throw of Thornbury would be a disaster for Falfield, Thornbury and traffic on the A38.

This appeal decision will change the future of Thornbury.

Chris Tippetts