A LONDON cabbie is motoring around the capital using green energy supplied by Stroud firm Ecotricity.

Daniel Bedford, 49, a taxi driver for 16 years, decided to swap his traditional cab for an electric version last year.

"It's quiet and smooth and the passengers love it," he said.

"And it's very important to reduce vehicle emissions in London, it's a very polluted place."

Daniel likes to charge his vehicle at a motorway service station on his way home.

"And the charging is half price, because I'm an Ecotricity home customer," he said.

A vegan, Daniel also became interested in the electric cab after finding out that animal by-products are used in fuel. He was impressed with Ecotricity's provision of vegan electricity.

The Stroud-based energy company does not buy electricity or gas from animal related sources and has now been provided with Vegan Society registration.

More than half of Britain’s homes are powered by animal by-products.