On Friday the whole of the west country awoke to beautiful scenes after snow fell throughout the night.

One by one schools announced that they would remain closed (with a few remarkable exceptions) and roads proved to be impassable.

With the unanimous decision that the day would be a snow day, snow boots were put on, sledges brushed off, and the inhabitants of Gloucestershire set off for some fun.

Luckily main roads remained clear, and neighbours rallied to help snowed-in neighbours while farmers used tractors to clear the smaller lanes untouched by gritters.

The day offered a fantastic opportunity to see communities rally together for some frosty frolics.

Over the weekend some snow remained in the nooks and crannies hidden from the February sun but by Monday morning it was business as usual as schools reopened and everyone returned to work.

Glorious photos of dogs, children, grandparents cats and wildlife were sent to The Gazette and we’re delighted to include just a fraction of what we received here.