South Gloucestershire Council will become one of the first authorities across the UK to completely stop single-use cups as its offices.

Cllr Claire Young who proposed the original motion, was seconded by Cllr Mike Drew in May 2018, and said: “We are delighted to see our proposal finally put into action.

"It may only be a small move in the big scheme of things, but if other local authorities and businesses follow South Gloucestershire’s lead, it could add up to a lot less needless waste.”

Figures shown at the last council meeting revealed that over 36,000 disposable cups were used in 2017.

There was no way of recycling these cups due to a material used in their manufacture, so a change has now been made for the future.

An amendment saw the timescale for this motion changed, however now the council has made steps to ensuring that single-use cups will not be used at the South Gloucestershire building in the future.