I have decided to follow Jesus

AT THE age of 11, I stood on a football field (Newport County!) listening to an Evangelist preach the glorious message of redemption through Jesus the Christ.

I’d heard the message many times, but that day I knew the Living Christ was calling me, and I thank God that I decided then to follow Jesus.

It’s a wonderful experience, but any attempt to explain it comes up short.

Believing and acting on that message means that every day He has been with me – even when I muck it up!

Wonderfully, it didn’t take long to realise that it was not just my desire that drew me toward Him, but His grace that drew me.

It’s been His grace every day that has kept me, blessed me, filled me, and I believe given me the opportunity to tell you all about it through this paper. Now at the age of 65 I look back on a life that has been lived in my Lord and my God. I would not change it in any way.

However, the challenges continue!

You’ll note they’ve changed the title of this article from “Christian Comment” to “Thought for the week” and I object!

I write as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ: today, I’m not offering a warm “thought” to take you through the week.

As each of you face those difficulties and issues that arise, gentle platitudes may encourage, but will never make sense of those difficulties.

My hope for you coming from my heart as a believer in Christ – my wish for you, if you like – is that you realise that Christ alone will put something into your heart that lifts you, fills you so you can face these difficulties and issues with Him present, and His strength within!

It’s real you know - it can change you and your heart and then your attitude to those things!

How does it work?

I would point at a vicious cross where he died and tell you, he took the penalty of your sin on Himself.

Or, I could point at an empty tomb and say, “See! He has won! Sin and even death have been overcome! He is alive today!”

This is more than me telling you what to do or believe – this is me saying, “Go to the living Christ and find the answers to your deepest fears and problems!”

Terry Gillard

Member of Ebley Chapel