Responding to the rather incredulous letter from Jenny Gilbert, asking ‘why Thornbury can’t have what Dursley has’ on your website (, I am ashamed that such a desperate and hollow piece of political propaganda has been allowed to masquerade as the ‘opinions’ of a member of the public.

Yes, Thornbury has a bigger population, and yes, it is growing with more houses, but I don’t see how Liberal Democrats calling for the umpteenth petition will get anything done, if they aren’t willing to put in any legwork themselves.

These are the same Liberal Democrats who have been ‘campaigning’ for a new Health Centre for decades, with constant updates in leaflets featuring pictures, either smiley or sad, in front of the existing buildings. But despite having had plenty of time while they were running the council, they have absolutely nothing to show for it!

I agree that we need to call on our MP and our councillors to get the job done, but if new ideas are being put forward and new approaches are being taken then I will get behind it, rather than the banging heads against a brick wall approach our local town councillors seem to have exhausted.

Sue Turl