A much-loved police horse has been put to sleep after failing to recover from an injury.

Police Horse 'Sedgemoor', who is part of a Twitter page that has over 11,000 followers, was put down yesterday.

On Twitter, the police said: "Some really sad news today - our fantastic Police Horse Sedgemoor has sadly been put to sleep.

"We have followed our vets advice as his injury wouldn’t heal and therefore it meant he couldn’t be pain free.

"May you rest in peace our beautiful boy."

The tweet received over 400 comments as well as nearly 2000 likes as people shared memories with the popular horse.

Chief Inspector Jess Wynne said: "Heartbreaking when our police horse colleagues don’t make retirement. RIP PH Sedgemoor.

"Please give #PHLionheart a nuzzle from me when you see him."

The horse had been trying to recover since the turn of the year, the Twitter page posted there had been progress with the injury in January.