A family in Frampton Cotterell are being supported after their son was tragically found dead in Belgium.

An urgent appeal went viral on social media after it was reported Jason Gapper, 33, was missing.

After 36 hours Jason was found in a river near where he was staying.

The father of one had been visiting Belgium for the weekend with his girlfriend, however when returning to the hotel where he was staying he disappeared.

Jason’s family were on their way to Belgium to join the search, however he was found before they arrived.

A fundraising page has since been set up to help support them after it was revealed that it would cost a significant amount of money to bring his body back to the UK.

The page has been called ‘A Life Cut Far Too Short’ and has already been well supported by the community.

The page was set up by Leanne Pitt, Jason’s aunt, and she commented: "Jason’s family are distraught.

“All we want to do is bring him back home where he belongs so his family can pay their final respects.

“Due to no insurance this will need to be funded and we would like to ask no matter how big or small for your help.

“A life taken far too young, you will live on in your daughter.”

There is a target of £7,000 set on the page and after only one day, the contributions from the community came to around £1,500.

Over 80 people got involved within 24 hours with some donating as much as £100.

On the donations, Leanne said: “I can’t thank every single person that has donated enough, from the bottom of my heart.

“Without everyone chipping together we wouldn’t be able to get him home for his family and little girl.”

Jason, who spent a number of years as a charity fundraiser, had been in Belgium attending a wedding near the town of Villerot.

He went missing from just metres behind his girlfriend on the walk back to their hotel.

Police then found Jason's phone near an entrance to nearby woods, he was then found over 36 hours later.

Jason leaves behind a six-year-old daughter.