The popular tapas chef that was in desperate of need of a double lung transplant has potentially been given a new lease of life.

Dave Lawrence had been the head chef at Amigos Mexican restaurant in Chipping Sodbury High Street for around three years.

However in December his health took a turn for the worse and he was admitted to Southmead Hospital.

It was discovered that he had pulmonary fibrosis and would need a major operation on his lungs.

Dave and his partner Shamsi Kabbara were then taken from Southmead to a hospital in Birmingham.

He spent over two weeks there before being brought back to Southmead earlier this week.

Then they got a phone call that informed them that there was lungs that were a match available in Birmingham, just one week after going on to the register.

The couple were immediately taken back to Birmingham for the operation arriving in just over one hour.

Last night Dave went in to theatre to have the operation that could potentially save his life.

After 12 hours of surgery he was returned to critical care, with the initial operation a success.

He has been making small steps towards recovery ever since, with Shamsi revealing that he he is now even taking small breaths on his own.

"He’s still in critical care and he only came out of theatre at 3am so still not out of the woods.

"I’m so very grateful to the donor and their family for giving this, the most amazing gift to Dave.

"He’s fighting and he will be fine, I just know it."

Shamsi went on to thank everyone for their support of Dave throughout the ordeal which has been going on since Christmas.

"Someone, somewhere is watching over him," she continued.

"Plus all your positivity has got him to this point.

"Thank you to the wonderful, humble donor, who has made this all possible.

"I am eternally grateful to you and your family for giving us this gift of life."

A Gofundme page that was set up after the couple revealed Dave's condition has since gone on to receive over £6,800 from over 137.

These donations have come from family, friends and also from a number of customers of the restaurant where the couple used to both work before the ordeal and subsequent shock closure.

You can still donate to the page at: