THE search is on to find a missing bird of prey.

The bird, a goshawk, flew out of its aviary on Saturday morning, in the Dursley area.

It is a rare and distinctive bird of prey and has bells attached, which anyone nearby will be able to hear.

Owner Robert Strange said: "They tend not to fly into the wind, but go with the wind direction instead, so I'm guessing he'll be around the lower Cam area, or Coaley, or Slimbridge.

"But it is the end of the season, so he's extremely fit and could have gone further. I don't think he'll cross the River Severn though.

"He's quite distinctive looking. He's grey, with a long tail - about 150 to 200 cms, so not like a buzzard, which are short-tailed.

"His shape is the same as a sparrow hawk, only larger.

"The sound of the bells will be the biggest giveaway. You should be able to hear them from 150 to 250 yards away.

"As soon as we get a location, it'll be easy getting him down.

"Any information would be greatly appreciated."

Call Robert on 07814 764138.