Each week thousands of people read our articles in the paper and online.

Scroll to the bottom of any page on the Gazette website and you'll invariably find a comment.

Perhaps the responses are more passionate on our social media pages, the debates can get pretty heated - but whatever the forum we welcome our reader's thoughts.

We see our paper as a place to debate and encourage communication in our communities.

That said, for all our modern technology, and our rapidly growing website audience there really is nothing that can beat a letter sent to us to be included in the Gazette letters page.

Although it's more usual for us to received the letters by email than on paper now - this is our reader's chance to have their say about what matters to them.

And it's not just us that enjoy your submissions - quite often the questions and comments will spark a response - providing a conversation between readers who may never have spoken, let alone shared views.

l Join the conversation, email: letters@gazetteseries.co.uk