50 years ago last weekend marked the very first flight of one of the most famous planes in history, but today is another huge landmark. 

Concorde was a plane that first took off in Toulouse on March 2 1969, the second model to ever take to the skies was actually built at South Gloucestershire's Filton Airfield. 

Today, March 9 is also etched in to Concorde's history as it marks 50 years exactly since the very first UK flight.

Piloted by Brian Trubshaw the plane took off from Filton Airfield and then landed at RAF Fairford before being presented to the public for the first time in June of that year.

The plane itself could travel over twice speed of sound while cruising (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h) and seated between 95 and 128 passengers.

However due to increase running costs the fate of the Concorde was sealed in the early 200's as the plane was retired in 2003.

Rolls Royce produced an incredible video to mark the occasion and shared it on to their Youtube channel.