Youth services in Thornbury will be continuing after the Town Council agreed a deal.

A Service Level Agreement to provide two nights of youth services in the town for the next two years has been signed with charity Krunch UK.

The Town Council started to prepare for this agreement when it was made aware last year that there would be significant reductions in the youth services budget for Thornbury from South Gloucestershire Council.

The £35,000 project aimed at those 10+ will start at the beginning of April .

Cllr Angela Symonds, Chair of the Finance and Policy Committee said: “Thornbury Town Council is thrilled to be able to announce that there is continued youth services provision for our young people.”

Jon Grant CEO of Krunch UK said: “Krunch South West has been delivering services for children and young people in and around Thornbury for six years.

“I have been very encouraged by the support and endorsement of Thornbury Town Council and their commitment to enabling us to deliver positive activities for children and young people. Krunch is looking forward to building on what has been established and continuing to partner with the Town Council and other agencies in providing a wide range of service for children and young people.”

Penny Baker, Krunch South West project manager, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded the commission by Thornbury Town Council to continue working with young people.

“We would like to thank Thornbury Town Council for their support and look forward to working closely together to develop youth services in the town.”